Reiki Testimonials

"I’m the proud owner of a kitty named Austin. Austin is 6 years old and has lived with my husband and me since we adopted him from the SPCA in 2004. In October, I found out I was pregnant with our first two-legged child. With a baby on the way, there have been lots of changes around our house. A few months ago, Austin started having litter box problems. The vet said everything was fine and suggested that Austin had behavioral issues.

I found out about Kelly through Boulders Acupuncture & Natural Healthcare and asked her to do some Reiki sessions with Austin. He seemed to take to her right away and was eager to see her when she came over. In one week, Austin had four Reiki sessions and since then his litter box problems have subsided and he seems more comfortable around me. He doesn't cry as much as he had been doing and has stopped trying to sit on my belly all the time. His brother Texas decided he wanted some Reiki during Austin’s sessions, too, and has since been much more relaxed. In general, both of the kitties seem more balanced and happy.

I will continue to use Kelly as we prepare for the baby's arrival, as I know it made my four-legged babies feel much better about all of the changes going on. I highly recommend not only Reiki, but Kelly from Divine Connection Reiki."

~ Sara