Reiki Testimonials

"Kelly Markey is a model of peace and tranquility! When she mentioned to me that she was expanding her reiki practice to serve animals, having several furry four-legged family members, I was delighted. Little did I know that my dog and I would be needing her expertise so soon.

Marcella is our sixteen year old sheltie and my best friend. When she had her first seizure in the middle of the night, I was terrified and felt ready to put her down and out of her misery immediately. Fortunately for us, there was no one available to do that for her at the time and we made it through night. Although Marcella is now on medication to help prevent seizures, it is Kelly's reiki therapy that has brought us the stability that helps us stay focused on our goal of making Marcella's remaining time with us gentle and happy.

Kelly, thank you for your guidance and insight. I would recommend this therapy to any family with an elderly pet whom they love and cherish."

~ Teresa