What To Expect with Reiki for Animals

One of the wonderful things about animals is that they're very aware of Reiki and where they need it. They take a leadership role in their own treatment, deciding how much or how little Reiki they want.

Animals will not accept a Reiki treatment if they feel like it's being forced on them. So, out of love and respect for an animal and its boundaries, I initially offer Reiki from a distance until the animal indicates it wants a hands-on treatment. If so, I then place my hands in one or multiple positions on the animal's body, depending on the comfort level of the animal.

Physical contact, however, is not necessary for a successful Reiki treatment. Offering Reiki from a distance is often better for abused, aggressive, or fearful animals.

During a Session

Animal Reiki sessions take place within the animal's normal environment—whether that is indoors or outdoors. During a session, I may occasionally speak softly to the animal but for the most part I will stay in a silent, meditative state. You are welcome to be present during the session.

There are many signs that show an animal is choosing to accept the Reiki energy. They include:

  • Signs of relaxation: Yawning, deep breathing.
  • "Reiki Nap": Many animals fall right asleep during a Reiki treatment!
  • Back and forth movement: Some animals are more comfortable accepting Reiki for a few minutes, taking a break, and then accepting Reiki again. When an animal moves closer to a practitioner, moves away, and then comes back, this is often what is happening.
  • Placing body near hands: Some animals will indicate where they want Reiki by placing certain body parts near or in the hands of the practitioner.
  • Licking or smelling the hands of the practitioner: Animals can sense the Reiki energy coming from the practitioner's hands and will often acknowledge it with a friendly lick or sniff.
  • Coming directly up to the bars of the cage and leaning against the hands: This is common for small animals who receive Reiki while inside a cage.

After a Session

The energy from a Reiki session can be dehydrating, so make sure some water is available for your animal to drink after a session. If possible, try to give your animal a chance to relax for a time without engaging it in rigorous activity right away.

Distant Healing Session

Distant healing is the act of sending Reiki over a distance to an animal who is not in the same physical location. Distant Reiki has the same benefits as Reiki experienced in person and is just as powerful. Oftentimes, people will request a series of distant Reiki treatments be sent to their animals between in-person sessions. It's recommended, however, that all first-time sessions occur in person.