What To Expect with Reiki

All Reiki sessions for people take place in the soothing and peaceful environment of the Divine Connection Reiki office. They can last from an hour to an hour and a half.

During a Session

Before moving to the Reiki table, a consultation will take place to discuss any problems or issues you are experiencing and what you are looking to achieve in your session. Then, I'll have you lie on the Reiki table, resting comfortably on your back with your shoes removed. All other articles of clothing remain on.

During your Reiki treatment, I will apply my hands lightly in certain positions on your body. I may follow a set pattern, move them where I feel guided, or place them in a particular area you feel needs attention. Sometimes I will administer Reiki above the body and can do so for the entire session if you are uncomfortable with being touched. During the session, I remain in a quiet, meditative state, but you are welcome to talk to me if needed.

Some things you may experience during a session:

  • Deep relaxation, sometimes to the point of falling asleep
  • Feeling of heat coming from my hands
  • Tingling in various parts of your body
  • Overall feeling of warmth
  • Tears or other emotional reactions as Reiki releases and heals you on an emotional/mental or spiritual level

All of these sensations are perfectly normal during a Reiki session. If you don't experience anything more than a feeling of relaxation, that's fine too! You are still receiving Reiki energy.

After a Session

After a Reiki session, most people feel very relaxed and peaceful. Often people report reduced or eliminated pain and a renewed sense of well-being. Because the energy from a Reiki session can be dehydrating, you'll want to drink some water when the session is over. If possible, you should avoid any rigorous or stressful activities for a while following your session.

Distant Healing Session

Distant healing is the act of sending Reiki over a distance to a client who is not in the same physical location. Distant Reiki has the same benefits as Reiki experienced in person and is just as powerful. Oftentimes, people will request a series of distant Reiki treatments be sent to them or their pets between in-person sessions. It's recommended, however, that all first-time sessions occur in person.